A little bit about me and my life

I know I’m probably typing this out to nobody in particular. The truth is that very few people will ever read this blog, and those that do probably won’t get a lot out of it.

If you do happen to enjoy reading what I write then that is great. But the truth is I’m writing this for my own reasons. I’m not writing to entertain, inform or influence people in the way many bloggers want to, I’m just writing to get thoughts out of my head for my own reasons.

I suppose that the main reason for this blog is I feel that I should have somewhere to let off some emotional steam. I can’t keep moaning to my girlfriend and I have to be strong at work, so I feel that I have nowhere to turn to when I want to speak about what makes me feel vulnerable.

I know that sounds very masculine, men bottling up their feelings, but it is true up to a point. So I feel that this could be a great little anonymous outlet for me. I’m hoping that I can clarify my thoughts on things which are making the anxious, get them written out and put into context so that I can assess how good or bad they really are, then I can hit publish and hopefully doing that will be a release for me.

I know that sounds hopeful, and it may be that I have to look at other things, but I’m hoping that just having that little outlet will help me.

My job can be quite stressful, I have to manage a team of people who negotiate new contracts, and existing contracts with clients around the world. Although it’s mostly straightforward, because of the language barrier especially, we can have quite complex situations at times. I will talk a bit more about that as I go, because I do love my job.

In my personal life, my girlfriend is my rock. With been together for 10 years this year and she has always been great with me. I know it’s still early days in terms of our relationship because we haven’t had children yet, and we both have the distraction of working full-time in careers, so I’m guessing there will be challenges ahead for us at we haven’t faced yet, but here’s hoping that that next stage will be great.

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