A bit about my job and my latest deal with a Spanish company

I’m a manager in the negotiations Department of my company. We are a large multinational company and we have a dedicated sales department where we try and negotiate deals with companies around the world to extend our reach and services.

So we are dealing with people all the time, small and large businesses around the world all in different languages and with different customs. This can be quite challenging at times so what we do is we use a translation service to make sure that we always understand what’s going on. It would be ridiculous to hire a translation team, so we outsource it very simply and cheaply.

We use a spanish translation site, something like translateshark.com, there are a lot around I suppose, but we have a dedicated site that we use, and we are very pleased with the quality of the translations we receive.

As an example, I am at the moment personally negotiating with Spanish company. My Spanish is patchy so we have to make sure things are done properly. So what I’m doing is using a Spanish translation service to make sure all the written communication is spot-on.

What we do is when we receive an email or document we get it translated from Spanish into English, then when we want reply, we get our response translated from English into Spanish and send that.

So by using a professional Spanish translator, we get the reassurance that we understand what was going on, and that company we are dealing with feels we are professional because we are not making a mess of things.

It can be a great job and it’s very rewarding, especially financially and to see the business expanding. But it can be quite stressful at times, and so I do get quite anxious and sometimes take my work home with me in my mind. So I suppose that one of the reasons I’m thinking about this blog as being an outlet, I’m hoping that I can use this as a pressure release valve sometimes to talk about what’s going on, get it out in the open, process it and then hopefully put it to bed.

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