I got really upset about a parked van today is that weird?

I’m wondering if things are okay with my stress levels because I got really upset today about the way a van parked.

I don’t just mean any old parked van outside our house, somebody has parked a white transit van so that it’s front end is poking into our driveway space. What I mean is, it’s not parked where it should be, it’s overhanging where the curb lowers over our driveway, so it’s basically half obstructing our driveway.

I have absolutely no idea why this idiot has done this because the rest of the road is empty and he certainly is not working at my house. So I’ve been really angry because although I don’t need to go anywhere today, if I did have to go out I would have to reverse half across my neighbour’s driveway to get in and out, which is obviously ridiculous. So I have already put a note on the van and I keep looking out the window almost obsessively in the hope I see this person coming back.

My only concern is that I am so angry that no matter how big this person is, and I am assuming it is a man because it is a work van, that I will go out there and start some trouble. I really am a bit aggressive at the moment because I’m stuck indoors, or wandering around.

But basically I’m a little anxious about this Spanish deal at the moment. It seems to be on the brink of collapse and would put a lot of effort into it so far. I’ve just sent a really good response to their last email back soon, we used the Spanish translation service we always used to turn it into perfect Spanish and we have centred.

I get so reassured that we are using a professional Spanish translator to do this, it gives me peace of mind we are saying the right things. So I’m hoping that my appeal using this translation will get them to reconsider and reopen the negotiations. I hope it doesn’t fall through because it’s been a month in the making and it can be great for my bonus this year.

So I apologise if I am a bit anxious, and the van thing is probably really ridiculous, but I’m very stressed today.

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