The Spanish deal is back on and I’m really pleased tonight

After the Spanish deal nearly fell through the other day I’m really pleased because I’m sitting here tonight relieved that it is back on. I sent a really great response to their last email almost backing out of the deal. Thankfully we use a highly specialist Spanish translation service to ensure that what we send, and what we receive back, is translated from Spanish into English as well, is of high quality and accurate.

I think using a professional Spanish translator has saved the deal, I think anything less than a perfect response to them, showing our seriousness, would have made them back out. But they have asked for to that some concessions and as long as we agree that the deal is back on. That is great for me and my team because we have worked hard on this.

It certainly helps with dealing with foreign companies when you can rely on accurate translations, and it’s something I really encourage everyone in my sales team to do.

So I’m sitting here with a glass of wine, getting rid of the stress I’ve had over the past three days and basically chilling out just a little bit. I thought I would write this blog post as a bit of a celebration because I don’t want everything in this blog to just be negative. I’m really pleased that work is going well at the moment, and also my personal life seems to be going well too.

Me and my girlfriend are thinking about going away on holiday later in the year, so I am spending a bit of time site on the laptop having a look at destinations we are interested in and seeing what’s the price you’re looking at tonight. It’s really nice to be planning nice things like that, rather than just being ground down with life and work all the time.

Right that’s it, I do have to go and get on and do a few chores around the house before we sit and do this. So it’s time to me to say good night and raise a glass to the Spanish deal being back on.

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