Getting a bit concerned about my personal health levels

I think this is the first serious and potentially negative post I’ve written in this new blog of mine. But I have to confront my concerns and my worry is. I’m concerned that I’m putting on weight and that my health is deteriorating.

I’m not that old, but I’m a bit worried that if I keep on the trajectory I am that I will be obese in a few years and there will be no going back other than through an incredibly painful path.

So I’m hoping that I can head this off right now by taking some responsibility for myself, by looking at my lifestyle and my attitude towards things. I think I’ve been too complacent and it’s catching up with me. So I’m going to go on a proper fitness kick.

Part of the problem is that I’ve been so focused on negotiating deals at work. The Spanish deal is working well now. After our earlier problems. The Spanish translation service got back to us quickly and we delivered a great response to their negative questions and we turned the deal around.

So we are now almost a draft contract status. I’ve used the Spanish translator again to get a draft contract drawn up and we are ready to send that as soon as we get an email from them. When we get that email, I will get it translated from Spanish into English, and as long as there are no problems, I will then send the draft contract, speeding the process up.

Once this contract is signed, sealed and delivered I think I’m going to take a bit of time off and work on my fitness. I also need to look at my diet and my attitude towards fitness generally. I think I also possibly eat emotionally when I’m tired or stressed, and that’s something else I need to address.

Which means this is a very honest blog post and it’s a rallying cry to me to sort things out before they get too late. I probably need to lose two stone in weight and I need to start doing exercise couple of times week and really addressing the rubbish that I have in my diet. Once the Spanish deal is done and dusted I will certainly be getting on with that.

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