Spanish deal is sealed, fitness plan is underway

I’m feeling really great today because two key things are falling into place, so this is a celebratory blog post and then I will be getting on with more hard work.

The Spanish deal is basically finished. I sent the draft contract that I have had translated from English into Spanish, using our online Spanish translation service. They have agreed to all the clauses, I know that because I just had the Spanish translator translate that response back into English.

Which is great, it means that we just have to wait for their questions on the draft contract, get a final contract translated into Spanish, and then get that sent off for signing.

So the pressure is off me bit, because it is a great deal to seal and I’m really pleased that it’s falling into place. I have to say using the Spanish translation service has really sped things along as usual, and we use the same company will translating into different languages which makes it really easy.

So I’m also now going to focus on my own diet and exercise plan. This is going to take time and effort, but I should have a more relaxed attitude now and be ready to be more focused on it. I’m going to go to the gym, I joined last week and I’m going to go and see a fitness trainer and get a plan sorted out.

I’ve also spoke to my girlfriend and we are both going to go on a food health kick. We have got a holiday booked, which will not help, but that is several months away and it’s only for a week, so I think we just have to be really ruthless up until then.

Which means it’s already good news so far and this blog is not turning into the doom festival that I thought it was going to, which is great. But as with life generally, you have to watch out and you have to realise that sometimes reality will come and bite you hard. You have to enjoy the good times when they are here, because bad times are inevitably always just around the corner. That unfortunately is a way of life and soon you learn it the happier you will be.

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