Spanish deal is sealed, fitness plan is underway

I’m feeling really great today because two key things are falling into place, so this is a celebratory blog post and then I will be getting on with more hard work.

The Spanish deal is basically finished. I sent the draft contract that I have had translated from English into Spanish, using our online Spanish translation service. They have agreed to all the clauses, I know that because I just had the Spanish translator translate that response back into English.

Which is great, it means that we just have to wait for their questions on the draft contract, get a final contract translated into Spanish, and then get that sent off for signing.

So the pressure is off me bit, because it is a great deal to seal and I’m really pleased that it’s falling into place. I have to say using the Spanish translation service has really sped things along as usual, and we use the same company will translating into different languages which makes it really easy.

So I’m also now going to focus on my own diet and exercise plan. This is going to take time and effort, but I should have a more relaxed attitude now and be ready to be more focused on it. I’m going to go to the gym, I joined last week and I’m going to go and see a fitness trainer and get a plan sorted out.

I’ve also spoke to my girlfriend and we are both going to go on a food health kick. We have got a holiday booked, which will not help, but that is several months away and it’s only for a week, so I think we just have to be really ruthless up until then.

Which means it’s already good news so far and this blog is not turning into the doom festival that I thought it was going to, which is great. But as with life generally, you have to watch out and you have to realise that sometimes reality will come and bite you hard. You have to enjoy the good times when they are here, because bad times are inevitably always just around the corner. That unfortunately is a way of life and soon you learn it the happier you will be.

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Getting a bit concerned about my personal health levels

I think this is the first serious and potentially negative post I’ve written in this new blog of mine. But I have to confront my concerns and my worry is. I’m concerned that I’m putting on weight and that my health is deteriorating.

I’m not that old, but I’m a bit worried that if I keep on the trajectory I am that I will be obese in a few years and there will be no going back other than through an incredibly painful path.

So I’m hoping that I can head this off right now by taking some responsibility for myself, by looking at my lifestyle and my attitude towards things. I think I’ve been too complacent and it’s catching up with me. So I’m going to go on a proper fitness kick.

Part of the problem is that I’ve been so focused on negotiating deals at work. The Spanish deal is working well now. After our earlier problems. The Spanish translation service got back to us quickly and we delivered a great response to their negative questions and we turned the deal around.

So we are now almost a draft contract status. I’ve used the Spanish translator again to get a draft contract drawn up and we are ready to send that as soon as we get an email from them. When we get that email, I will get it translated from Spanish into English, and as long as there are no problems, I will then send the draft contract, speeding the process up.

Once this contract is signed, sealed and delivered I think I’m going to take a bit of time off and work on my fitness. I also need to look at my diet and my attitude towards fitness generally. I think I also possibly eat emotionally when I’m tired or stressed, and that’s something else I need to address.

Which means this is a very honest blog post and it’s a rallying cry to me to sort things out before they get too late. I probably need to lose two stone in weight and I need to start doing exercise couple of times week and really addressing the rubbish that I have in my diet. Once the Spanish deal is done and dusted I will certainly be getting on with that.

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The Spanish deal is back on and I’m really pleased tonight

After the Spanish deal nearly fell through the other day I’m really pleased because I’m sitting here tonight relieved that it is back on. I sent a really great response to their last email almost backing out of the deal. Thankfully we use a highly specialist Spanish translation service to ensure that what we send, and what we receive back, is translated from Spanish into English as well, is of high quality and accurate.

I think using a professional Spanish translator has saved the deal, I think anything less than a perfect response to them, showing our seriousness, would have made them back out. But they have asked for to that some concessions and as long as we agree that the deal is back on. That is great for me and my team because we have worked hard on this.

It certainly helps with dealing with foreign companies when you can rely on accurate translations, and it’s something I really encourage everyone in my sales team to do.

So I’m sitting here with a glass of wine, getting rid of the stress I’ve had over the past three days and basically chilling out just a little bit. I thought I would write this blog post as a bit of a celebration because I don’t want everything in this blog to just be negative. I’m really pleased that work is going well at the moment, and also my personal life seems to be going well too.

Me and my girlfriend are thinking about going away on holiday later in the year, so I am spending a bit of time site on the laptop having a look at destinations we are interested in and seeing what’s the price you’re looking at tonight. It’s really nice to be planning nice things like that, rather than just being ground down with life and work all the time.

Right that’s it, I do have to go and get on and do a few chores around the house before we sit and do this. So it’s time to me to say good night and raise a glass to the Spanish deal being back on.

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I got really upset about a parked van today is that weird?

I’m wondering if things are okay with my stress levels because I got really upset today about the way a van parked.

I don’t just mean any old parked van outside our house, somebody has parked a white transit van so that it’s front end is poking into our driveway space. What I mean is, it’s not parked where it should be, it’s overhanging where the curb lowers over our driveway, so it’s basically half obstructing our driveway.

I have absolutely no idea why this idiot has done this because the rest of the road is empty and he certainly is not working at my house. So I’ve been really angry because although I don’t need to go anywhere today, if I did have to go out I would have to reverse half across my neighbour’s driveway to get in and out, which is obviously ridiculous. So I have already put a note on the van and I keep looking out the window almost obsessively in the hope I see this person coming back.

My only concern is that I am so angry that no matter how big this person is, and I am assuming it is a man because it is a work van, that I will go out there and start some trouble. I really am a bit aggressive at the moment because I’m stuck indoors, or wandering around.

But basically I’m a little anxious about this Spanish deal at the moment. It seems to be on the brink of collapse and would put a lot of effort into it so far. I’ve just sent a really good response to their last email back soon, we used the Spanish translation service we always used to turn it into perfect Spanish and we have centred.

I get so reassured that we are using a professional Spanish translator to do this, it gives me peace of mind we are saying the right things. So I’m hoping that my appeal using this translation will get them to reconsider and reopen the negotiations. I hope it doesn’t fall through because it’s been a month in the making and it can be great for my bonus this year.

So I apologise if I am a bit anxious, and the van thing is probably really ridiculous, but I’m very stressed today.

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A bit about my job and my latest deal with a Spanish company

I’m a manager in the negotiations Department of my company. We are a large multinational company and we have a dedicated sales department where we try and negotiate deals with companies around the world to extend our reach and services.

So we are dealing with people all the time, small and large businesses around the world all in different languages and with different customs. This can be quite challenging at times so what we do is we use a translation service to make sure that we always understand what’s going on. It would be ridiculous to hire a translation team, so we outsource it very simply and cheaply.

We use a spanish translation site, something like, there are a lot around I suppose, but we have a dedicated site that we use, and we are very pleased with the quality of the translations we receive.

As an example, I am at the moment personally negotiating with Spanish company. My Spanish is patchy so we have to make sure things are done properly. So what I’m doing is using a Spanish translation service to make sure all the written communication is spot-on.

What we do is when we receive an email or document we get it translated from Spanish into English, then when we want reply, we get our response translated from English into Spanish and send that.

So by using a professional Spanish translator, we get the reassurance that we understand what was going on, and that company we are dealing with feels we are professional because we are not making a mess of things.

It can be a great job and it’s very rewarding, especially financially and to see the business expanding. But it can be quite stressful at times, and so I do get quite anxious and sometimes take my work home with me in my mind. So I suppose that one of the reasons I’m thinking about this blog as being an outlet, I’m hoping that I can use this as a pressure release valve sometimes to talk about what’s going on, get it out in the open, process it and then hopefully put it to bed.

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A little bit about me and my life

I know I’m probably typing this out to nobody in particular. The truth is that very few people will ever read this blog, and those that do probably won’t get a lot out of it.

If you do happen to enjoy reading what I write then that is great. But the truth is I’m writing this for my own reasons. I’m not writing to entertain, inform or influence people in the way many bloggers want to, I’m just writing to get thoughts out of my head for my own reasons.

I suppose that the main reason for this blog is I feel that I should have somewhere to let off some emotional steam. I can’t keep moaning to my girlfriend and I have to be strong at work, so I feel that I have nowhere to turn to when I want to speak about what makes me feel vulnerable.

I know that sounds very masculine, men bottling up their feelings, but it is true up to a point. So I feel that this could be a great little anonymous outlet for me. I’m hoping that I can clarify my thoughts on things which are making the anxious, get them written out and put into context so that I can assess how good or bad they really are, then I can hit publish and hopefully doing that will be a release for me.

I know that sounds hopeful, and it may be that I have to look at other things, but I’m hoping that just having that little outlet will help me.

My job can be quite stressful, I have to manage a team of people who negotiate new contracts, and existing contracts with clients around the world. Although it’s mostly straightforward, because of the language barrier especially, we can have quite complex situations at times. I will talk a bit more about that as I go, because I do love my job.

In my personal life, my girlfriend is my rock. With been together for 10 years this year and she has always been great with me. I know it’s still early days in terms of our relationship because we haven’t had children yet, and we both have the distraction of working full-time in careers, so I’m guessing there will be challenges ahead for us at we haven’t faced yet, but here’s hoping that that next stage will be great.

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